Questions – rules of mutual friendships in my relationship. 

Yesterday I posted some really random “not sure what to say or do about these” feelings I was having, so today I had s few questions. 

I recently rewatched SATC 2 ,  and there was that one brilliant scene where Carrie says to Charlotte – “I think every couple has the right to make up their own rules”. 

I have pondered about that thought for a very long time, and how much I agreed with it, yet still wasn’t sure if it was something that would be accepted by society. 

In society, I have always felt there is this pressure to have a group of friends who’s partners are all besties, the girls are all besties, their kids are all besties and everyone lives happily ever after. But is this realistic? Just because my partner has a friend, does it automatically mean I have to be their best friend as well? 

 Or do you have to pretend to like one of his work colleagues wife’s for the sake a happy looking workplace ? 

I get the whole being social and being respectful, and I agree there is a very small smidgey time and a place for small talk, but if small talk is the only place it ever stays, why pretend? I see life as too short for it. It sounds blunt but I’m just being honest.

I am GLAD my partner and I have separate friends – because it gives us a break from one another and means we can have our own separate lives, that come together at the end of the day. 

I also am not insinuating that I am never open to a mutual friendship – because yes! I am! But I don’t think people should have to pretend just for the sake of their significant other. If you don’t vibe with someone – it’s totally ok. A friendship should never feel forced, it should just flow and come naturally. (IMO)

AGAIN – a whole lot of rambling. But I’m on a roll and have to write when it comes to me in waves. 

What do you think? ❤️


Casey xo

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