I don’t really know where this is going. It’s just couple of my thoughts this morning while I ate my marmite on toast. 

Something I have struggled with over the years is being ok with who I am and accepting it. 

Sometimes I will be at a social event, when I would much rather be on the couch with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. 

Sometimes I want to just put on my headphones and go for a walk on my own. 

ALL THE TIME I just want to make deep and meaningful connections with people. I want to skip the small talk about the weather and my weekend plans and say exactly how I feel about things, listen about the other persons life and what makes them tick. 

Sometimes I just want to sit down with a friend and talk shit about stuff that doesn’t really matter – but at that moment, we act like it does. 

Being introverted, makes it hard for me to make connections sometimes, because I feel as though I live in a small box, and there is only enough room for a certain amount of people, and a certain types of people and once it’s full, that’s it. 

I struggle with accepting that not everyone has to like me or enjoy my company, yet I also struggle with being true to myself when I don’t feel I vibe with someone. 

Time is currency to me, it’s very important, yet I let little things get in my way of dreams and sometimes waste it on unmeaningful relationships. 

Living the lifestyle that I live, with uncertainty and constant moving around for jobs has been a big learning curve and struggle over the years, because I thrive on structure and routine, and when that is constantly being played with and changed on me, it takes a toll. 

I also have things I want to do and accomplish that I have been working on – but the confidence that needs to go along with it hasn’t quite manifested its self in me yet, to be brave to unleash it. 

I had no idea where the hell this was going, or even went. I just felt the need to pen (type on my phone 😩) these little thoughts. 

Happy Sunday – ps if you read this and made at least 50% out of it – well done. Gold star. 

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