I don’t get “pro fighting”..

Yesterday was apparently “a great moment in history” – two guys had a fight in a boxing ring –  named Mayweather and McGregor. 

The reason I say “apparently” is because I didn’t watch it.. so I guess this post is just pure speculation on my part but here goes. 

I don’t get the pro fighting thing. I get the WWE and how it’s all staged, it’s acting and the wrestlers majority of the time knows what is coming next, but boxing etc, I don’t get. (still don’t watch it)

It just seems crazy to me we live in a society where we say all violence is wrong, violence doesn’t solve anything, there is no excuse for it, yet society also pays a decent amount of money to witness the “fight of the year”..

Not only that, but also paying to watch a guy who beat up his ex’s and even bet one woman up in front of his and her children. 

Would we pay to support some drop kick guy who was in prison for bashing his family? I seriously doubt it. We would say “throw away the key!” Yet when it’s a celebrity, things are different. YET – we preach “celebrities are people too!! They are just like us!!” It’s kind of a mind fuck when you really think about it. 

I know people can change – and learn from their mistakes. So I am willing to give this guy a chance but it does seem to be a pattern that he has created, which I hope he has been able to break out of. 

I would love to be enlightened on this if I am wrong, but don’t even bother attacking me for this view as I will delete and block ya.

Lots of love

Casey xx

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