Blac Chyna.

Morning guys – here is a quick wee post for your morning. Happy coffee drinking xo 

Last week, Rob Kardashian went on an Instagram and twitter rampage – supposedly exposing his ex and mother of his child – Blac Chyna. 

He made claims about her cheating, being a gold digger, sleeping with other men in his bed and the list went on. 

He then proceeded to post explicit photos of Chyna, that she had sent him – for revenge. 

A lot of people on the internet blew this off and said “well, she already posted half naked photos of her self anyway, who cares” or “she was a stripper, what does she expect” but that’s not the point. 

When she posted images herself or stripped (when of age) , that was HER choice. It wasn’t her choice when Rob posted these photos in revenge – in fact, it was gross. He sunk to the level of degrading a woman sexually, which just goes to show his true colours, in my opinion. Not to mention, has he forgotten that this woman gave birth to his daughter?

“Any explicit photos that she may have chosen to post in the past – that’s her choice. This is like saying a woman can’t be raped because she chose to have sex with someone – it’s her body, it’s her choice.” – Lisa Bloom, Blac Chynas Lawyer

It’s time we stopped the victim blaming, creating excuses for this gross behaviour, the degrading of women sexually, and started seeing what is really going on here, and make a change. 

I feel very strongly about this, after going through things in life, I want to stand up for what I believe is right. Even if it means standing here alone. 


Casey x

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