The bullies of 2017

Hi guys. I’m baaack.

After a crazy last few weeks I am here. Feeling inspired, and ready to spread some virtual glitter over the internet. But really, how cool would that be?

Last night we had a family “date night” to a restaurant I had never been too, but loved it. My son stayed awake the 40 min drive home as well, which was a total win for us.

So I wanted to talk about something that I have seen this popping up frequently on Snap chat lately, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Why do people in the public eye with THOUSANDS of followers, or Joe blogs with 10 followers,  take photos or videos of people out in public to make fun of them!? You’re making yourself  look like a C U Next Tuesday!


The posts I see, have me thinking WTF. WHY ARE PEOPLE SPENDING THEIR LIVES TAKING PICS OF STRANGERS FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES!!! Zooming in on people eating their spag bol at a restaurant, when they are just innocently trying to enjoy their damn food, or taking photos of some girls eyebrows on the bus?! I mean.. I know brows are a thing ATM but damn.. if you are using your energy and time to worry about someone’s brows, reevaluate your life and work on yourself to feel good about who you are.


What makes this even worse, is that some of these people have advocated on their platforms to stop bullying, be yourself etc, but here they are humiliating people in public who are just going about their day. I just don’t get it.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think it’s harmful or OK?


Casey x

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