stop bashing your man online.

OK, i know what you are thinking….. “what the hell?!” give me a second.. ps – i am not suggesting every women does this, majority don’t – but it somehow seems to be a little bit of a trend lately.

We all need to vent once in a while. our partners/husbands just don’t get it. they didn’t help with cleaning up after tea. they are taking longer then you desire to take out the trash. i get it. it is completely OK to need to get your frustrations of your chest once in a while, but what i don’t think is OK, is venting about your intimate relationship ONLINE to god knows how many people, and being perfectly OK with outsiders input and them name calling your significant other.

I came across a post that just really didn’t sit well with me, so i wanted to write about it. this women was complaining about how her partner wouldn’t take care of their daughter, because she had a something on and her partner had a friends birthday party on. reading the comments, it was just a bunch of people, bagging this guy, name calling him, calling him out – without even knowing the full story.

I would never be OK with someone calling my partner a name. never. no matter how frustrated he has made me and i am venting, i will not ever tolerate someone else name calling him – especially because NO ONE knows exactly how our intimate relationship is – so they have zero grounds to come to a conclusion. i totally get that being in a relationship you should be in it to make your significant others life better and both parties should be in it100/100, but c’mon. i am a very protective person of those i care about.

i would be heartbroken if i found out my man had been on a Facebook group, venting and baggin me out, and then seeing hundreds of people calling me names – without even knowing me! i would be seriously devastated.

We tell our men how much we love them, yet are willing to let others bash them online? we expect our guys to respect us.. why should it be any different? would we allow people to do that about our friends, family, children even?

Please let me know what you think. i just really think some of us really need to have a hard long think about what we are putting out onto the internet and how much of our dirty laundry are we willing to air.


-casey xo


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