my social media clean out

The other day i was thinking that i think it was time for me to finally go through my different social media outlets, have a really good clean out, and say bye to those who are not giving me some value to my life.

Some people are just toxic people behind the screen, and they vibe off people coming to their page and being miserable, right along with em. ever notice how if all of a sudden you come across someone or something you don’t like on social media and your mood or vibe just goes down? yeah well, me too.

I admit, scrolling through my Facebook memories, *cringe omg, cringe!* i can’t believe (well, i kinda can..) the absolute RUBBISH i use to post for the WWW to see.. it is actually embarrassing. i am sorry if i had ever contributed to someone else’s mood change, and while i say “you choose how you feel”, sometimes you don’t always think of that when you are 18 and love a good drama.

I don’t think everyone’s intentions on social media are bad that appear to be, i mean, when i was posting that BS, i wasn’t thinking that i was making others feel like shit when they would read it, and maybe they didn’t, (infact, i hope they just laughed at how ridiculous i was lol) but if its majority of the time – BS that makes you feel drained – its time to say byeeee!

I am writing this post in the hopes maybe you will do the same, have a clean out. every time you log onto Facebook and you are being  bombarded with stuff that isn’t positive and doesn’t make you feel good (not suggesting everything is always peaches, cause there is serious stuff that needs to be discussed, but the beauty of social media is that you CHOOSE what you do and don’t see ..just saying) –  replace it with something that you enjoy reading and that lifts your spirits. even if you don’t think your conscious mind is picking up on this stuff, your subconscious mind could be.

I like to follow people who want to give me a distraction and laugh for 5 minutes. i like to follow people who post to inspire with cute quote images. i like to follow people who are humble but have mad make up skills. i like to follow people in the fitness industry who want to help others.

I want to know – who do you like to follow and why?

Today is an actual house cleaning day for me too… 😩 better go get my shit sorted and just do it!


-casey xo

7 thoughts on “my social media clean out

  1. I hear that, I delete most of my posts after awhile only for the mere fact that they just take up space in a place and time that’s no longer relevant to who I am now or how I’m feeling. I go thru periods where I deactivate my account for months or a year just to decompress from all the shit you’re bombarded with that has little to no relevance to your life. I’ve unfollowed most people except my closest friends and once I hit 500 friends I go on a purge, because I just don’t have 500 people I even talk to in real life, so how the fuck I accumulated this many strangers every year is a mystery to me. It’s healthy to purge the social media! It’s also healthy to purge in real life, it’s what girls call spring cleaning 🙂

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    1. 110% agree! I often think I have only a couple of friends but somehow accumulated so many on my Facebook page lol 😂 I also feel I go through phases with something , one minute I love it, then the next I’m over it so I start feeling negative so just unfollow 😨

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      1. Yeah, I don’t think humans are supposed to operate like this. Social media and smart phones, being connected to everything all the time. It’s just making everybody anxious and depressed. I don’t know what the healthy way to deal with social media is, because it just ends up driving me nuts

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      2. I totally agree. I have, over the last month really cut back on the amount of time I spend on social media… checking insta and snapchat all the time gets seriously draining! So I just allow time to write on here, reply, a few posts here and there and then go about my day lol. Was wasting so much time on here! 😱

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