lets talk about money, social media and happiness..

Thanks to social media, we are closer then ever to the “hollywood lifestyle” whether it be on instagram, snap chat, facebook, we are shown celebrities and public figures lives on a very open platform.

Its so easy for us to see “everything” these people in the spot light have while scrolling through our feeds think to ourselves – “i wish i had that” or “they look so happy”  – after seeing all the glamorous material things they show us – sports cars, mansions in the hills, sipping top shelf at the club,  6 years worth supply of makeup and the list goes on. but do these really make them happy?

Now I admit, i have been guilty of thinking this, .. and doing. i always thought buying things would some how make me happy, or maybe just make me feel “important”.. whether it be a watch or a new pair of $140 gym tights. but the next day, these things just came a part of my life, i didn’t look at them and feel happy to have them. infact, i don’t think i have ever met one person to tell me otherwise.

It wasn’t until i started to look at things differently, and really see that there was luxurious things i have, that were not defined by a price tag – i  have the luxury to go through issues and hard times in our life privately, and choose what i share the world, where as people in the public eye – nothing in their life is private and kept personal. one way or another – everything gets shared, even if it’s not directly from them. or the fact i am able to run down to the shop with no makeup on, in yesterday’s clothes, with no fear of being photographed, and ending up on the front of tomorrows magazine.


I think it’s so easy for us to just focus on the material things – like they are the only things that matter in this world. but think about this for just a second..

  • an eight bedroom mansion is not going to hug & kiss you goodnight
  • a car can’t drive on its own to get your shopping done for the day.
  • a LV bag won’t offer you an ear to listen to a hard time your going through
  • A huge supply of makeup won’t tell you it loves you

It is so important to realize, just because someone may appear to have everything you want, it is so far from the truth. social media, 90% of the time, is used as a highlight reel, you are only being shown the things people want you to see, and you never REALLY know the person by just looking at a couple of instagram pics.

There is always going to be people in this world that has things YOU WANT and there will be people who wish they had things YOU HAVE.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting and having nice things.. i have been in different financial situations in my life – so i get how much of a struggle having not a lot of money can be at times and i know how fun it is to go on a random shopping spree. but if you are using it to try and buy happiness or to fill you up because you feel unfulfilled, you need to look else where, because i can tell you, no amount of cash made me happier then i was able to make myself, with some real deep digging.

Just imagine, that everyone in the world had everything the EXACT same. Same houses, same cars, same amount of friends, same personalities, same pets, same makeup, same living expenses.. just imagine how boring life would really be. we would be so robotic!

..I feel as though i have kinda gone off track with that last little bit lol, but i hope i am making my point clear, that we are all so different, we all have a purpose and we all have struggles and things we wish we had, even those people who seem to have it all on instagram, deep down there is things they wish they had that you have.

Anyways, off to have my green smoothie!


-casey x

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