why i said “bye” to dairy. 

I loved chocolate.
Everytime i would go to the servo or grocery store, i couldn’t resist sneaking a snickers into my trolley, or 2.

I loved cheese.

Every time i was trying to make a somewhat “healthier” version of something like pizza or even a salad, i would top it off with a shit load of grated cheese.

It was a problem. these “C’s” were holding me back… not ideal.

I was starting out on this journey of weight loss and getting mentally stronger, and after a couple of months of working out fucking hard, with little physical results, i decided it was time i actually get real with myself. 

“Cmon casey,” i thought. “you can not out train a bad diet. sure, you had salad for lunch, but it means fuck all when your ending your day with mnms in hand and pizza in the other.”

Coming to that conclusion wasn’t easy… it was way easier to just continue doing what i was doing, and deny i was doing anything wrong.. after all, i was exercising..! but doing what i was doing was going to just continue to generate the same results, it’s not like tomorrow i was going to wake up and all of a sudden eat 10 snickers and a tonne of cheese on crackers and not gain any weight..! 

Weight loss wasn’t the only reason why i decided to give up dairy, it was also for my skins sake too. i was already suffering from dreadful hormonal acne around my jaw and inbetween my brows (fuck) and it really deflated my self asteam. i really struggled even getting to the shops without a full face of makeup. any one who has or is suffering from acne, i sympathise with you – it’s not cool. (will share my story on trying to clear this up at some stage too!) so after reading countless articles and books on giving up dairy to help with this, i decided to give it a decent go.

It wasn’t easy giving up my fav foods. it was really hard saying no. it was hard going to fill the car up with gas, when i would have normally have got a chocolate for myself on the ride home but i had to say no. even though i wanted to say “yes yes yes!”

It sounds silly i know, but breaking out of habits like this are really difficult! But somehow i did pull through. i just kept thinking about how much better i was going to feel when i made it.

its surprising how much stuff has dairy in it and what doesn’t. things you wouldn’t expect. reading packets became a way of life and i guess it was kinda a good thing too, to know exactly what was IN the food i was eating. but there is so many delish things that are already DF that i enjoyed as treats prior, so it wasn’t really much of a loss! (but i still tried to stay away from too many for the sake of weight loss 😉 )

The other thing i found weird was people’s reactions to me not having dairy, because my partner is a farmer… isn’t that like saying “oh you don’t like trucks? but your husband drives them for a job!” makes zero sense, a job doesn’t define ya.

It had been almost 2 months before i decided to give it a go again, i was feeling so good i didn’t want to break it, but i figured i would give it a go to see if it actually was making a difference to my body, not just my mind.

I had chips and dip and cheese in a vege burger. and god it was terrible. i bloated and blew up so fast like i had never experienced. i couldn’t sleep that night. i swear it was karma. 

Now days, every now and then i will have something with dairy in it, especially if i am out somewhere that doesn’t have DF options, which is a lot of places, which i still get a massive bloat but i deal with it, esp if i am out with friends and enjoying their company. or i get better prepared and eat before. but i no longer feel that temptation to grab that cheeky chocolate at the check out – ok lets be real, 90% of the time i don’t :p . 

Anyways, here is a pizza i made the other day, which i used a homemade dairy free mozzarella to top it with and it was delish! find it here.


Enjoy – and let me know if you are DF as well. how did you manage to quit? 


-casey xo

6 thoughts on “why i said “bye” to dairy. 

  1. I totally relate to what you said about craving junk. When I first became vegan it was hard for me to turn the other cheek (especially for pizza) but I have finally found ways to eat it that allow me to enjoy joy even more. Great post!!

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      1. That’s amazing! I had been full vege for about 3 years, before that I only had chicken and fish for about 8 years! I def haven’t found that hard at all lol, it’s just been the dairy that’s been a bit of a bitch! Xx

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      2. I totally agree! Giving up meat was very easy for me, but cheese and certain sweet treats were hard for me. I finally found quite a few replacements for things I loved before. I’ve also been using avocados like crazy any time I would have used cheese before. I like your blog though! Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Stay in touch!

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