exercise changed me – pt2 – i came face to face with the old me.

I didn’t know if i was going to post this, but here we are.

If you read my latest blog, you would have saw that i posted about how exercise changed me. well today i came face to face with the old me. well kinda.

I was just looking through my computer, and came across a video i had recorded of myself back on the 23 sep 2015 that i had forgotten about, i almost feel speechless (but here i am lol).

In the video, it was 5.45am. i was sitting on the couch, watching youtube in my pjs and complaining about how i couldn’t be fucked having a shower and how i was just spending time on my phone and the internet because i “had nothing better to do”.. maybe i thought i was being funny or witty..but i looked miserable. a part of me feels shocked and sad that that was me. but fuck, i can’t believe how much i have changed and i am so happy i am no longer that person. and maybe you are thinking “well one morning on the couch complaining isn’t bad” .. but that was literally my life. everyday.

i didn’t know i would come face to face with myself, from two years ago. like, that shit doesn’t happen, unless happen to be a celeb or a youtuber or just film yourself everyday for shits and giggles. 

It really has made an impact on me, and it feels weird.  i am so grateful i recorded that moment. especially not knowing at the time that things would turn around and get better. as things would change, i would change. 

i am not perfect – i just do my best *tears*. and yep – told you guys i am emotional. 😉

I don’t know what else to say, this post is kinda all over the place – i guess this is proof though that not only physical change occurs with exercise, but mental too. i wanted to share it so you guys can get me a little more. also – if you kinda feel how i felt, record a video, say how you feel and work at being a better version of you everyday.


-casey xo

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