exercise changed me.

Back in 2012/2013 i loved working out. i was up at 5.30am every morning before work to start my day off with exercise of some sort.

After my son was born, late 2014, i had high expectations for myself that i was going to be able to bounce back into that routine , train and eat clean straight away, but lets be honest, it didn’t happen.

i fell into a very dark and shitty hole. i ate my feelings. i was tired and frustrated from taking care of my “up & down” baby. i kept telling myself  I had no time to work out or cook healthy meals because they weren’t a top priority – my son was. i honestly felt like I was just in life but just getting by.. but anyway – 

A year and a half passed of me feeling this way and one day i had a switch in my head.. i realized these were just piss poor excuses i was making to try to cover up from myself that i was just being lazy, e.g. – my son wasn’t ALWAYS up and down! it was at that point i was finally honest with myself about how unfit and sad i had become, and from then on i was able to try to make better choices overall..


I signed up to a fitness program that i was able to do right from my living room, no need for a million different pieces of gym equipment, just some weights.. no regrets to be had here.

The first 2 weeks was reallyyyy hard – i think i either vommed or at least felt like it after every work out. and no, im not even exaggerating .  not only that, but my diet HAD TO change dramatically too, going from eating choc and green onion chips, to fruits and veges is a big change, it took some major willpower, and i admit… i may have caved for Cadbury’s once or maybe five times… 😉

Eventually, i started to notice a change… i had a shit load more energy then i did before. i felt i could get more house work done, i had more patience for my son when he was testing me and i actually wanted to experiment in the kitchen to create healthy meals that tasted good.


The fact is – my body needed to move to “charge my batteries” to create energy. sitting on my ass all day eating junk or sleeping in everyday didn’t serve me in a good way, not in the long term anyway. it wasn’t making me feel refreshed and revitalized –  it just made me feel even more unmotivated and tired.

it is now a  MUST for me to get up  before my son wakes and move my body  – even when i feel i can’t be bothered and am lacking motivation, i am disciplined enough to know i feel so much better for it afterwards. (motivation isn’t something you can get from others, its up to you to dig deep and motivate yourself.)

Getting my body moving everyday also helped me gain confidence in myself to put myself out there socially and make some new friends. that was fucking awesome, because for so long i was very set in my ways of being lonely and  i thought i was OK with my life like that,but i am so happy i met the girls – they are amazing!

I don’t have abs or zero cellulite and i am OK with that.  Maybe i will check on my weight once in a while (the last time was 5 months ago – 12kgs lost) but it is far more then just dropping numbers for me now , it is my lifestyle and i am so proud of the fact that i was able to make the change and do something decent for myself. (remember what i said here about being your own person and looking after yourself?!)


So if your sitting on the sidelines reading this and wondering how you will EVER find the motivation to get up and move your body or you’re finding things really tough as a new mum and think you won’t have the time to exercise – JUST DO IT! YOU are the only one that can make your life better, i just hope this can inspire you to start today, cause tomorrow never comes.


-casey xo

here is my current before and after photo x

BEFORE (left) – Feb 2016

AFTER (right) – December 2016

PS – this is not sponsored  just wanted to share with you all 🙂

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