my “mum” identity crisis & i need your help.

After I became a mum, i asked myself over and over, “is this all there is? was being a mum the only thing i am meant to do with my life?” i seriously struggled with my identity in this time.. i didn’t want to make friends with other parents in coffee groups just discussing my sons sleeping and the best nappies on the market… I didn’t want to sit and talk about my child for hours on end.. i didn’t want to give up 100% of my time to someone else and not do anything for myself. this made me feel crap. what was wrong with me?

YES! becoming a mum does mean making sacrifices! like anything great. i definitely don’t dispute that. It’s was so easy to just wear the one hat of “mum” – but why couldn’t i have something going for me as well – 10% of the time? i was spending so much time and energy on everyone else and neglecting myself.

if we don’t look after us, then how the hell can we look after someone else?!

i have a a couple of friends who have children and THANK GOD. i seriously think I would go crazy if i didn’t have someone close to me going through, or have been through similar things as i have. i love being able to be open and honest when our kids are being painful and know that we are not alone. but we didn’t connect just based on the fact we both had children. we bonded over our interests.

Then there are my friends without children. the ones who don’t treat me any differently. to me that is a true friend right there. we manage to stay in contact and have been there for each other through good and bad – and when we do catch up – its as though nothing has changed. the friends who i can get away with for even just an hour and talk things that aren’t all kid related.

These relationships have been so important to me, they are a reminder to me that I am more then just “mum”. being mum is my number one priority – my son is everything to me. but partly why i started this blog – is that I needed to take care of myself too. feed my mind, feed my energy, do something I enjoy doing but able to stay at home with my son while i do it. it’s a win win.

You are still your own person, who is allowed to have your own life, interests and friends.

Anyway – now to the blog. i guess what i want to say is, i want this to be a place you come to read and relate or if you want a break from baby babble, come here as a distraction. i want to post things that i love and that are not just “kid” related. i want it to be a place that you can read my post, relate or take something away from it that you could apply to your life. of course i want to continue posting my feelings on things, cause lets be honest – i am an emotional human being lol.

But please – let me know. what do you wanna see? what do you want to read? what can i offer you? leave a comment on my facebook post or down below.

anyway, i am going to end this here, i feel i have driven a little off track lol.


-casey xo

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