Women shaming other women.

I’m back………!

OK, for the last week, I was feeling as though I was having a bit of a block in the ways of my blog, but lucky for me, the internet had my back.

Over the weekend, Sammi from Jersey Shore had her 30th birthday party.. that makes me feel old! Considering that means it’s been almost 8 years since the Jersey Shore cast hit our screens. (If you have no idea who I am talking about Jersey Shore was a hit reality show on MTV running from 2009-2012, following the lives of 8 individuals partying down in Seaside Heights, New Jersey)

Anyway, a popular “tabloid/celeb gossip” Facebook page posted an article about the shenanigans and featured screenshots from some of their snap chats, showing the reunion, (And yes I was so excited! Super fan from way back..!)


All the girls looked incredible. Nicole (Snooki) and Jenni (Jwoww) have both had two children, and man do they look amazing. They are obviously dedicated to the gym and eating healthy and with two kids is no easy task so that is amazing, well done girls!

Looking through the comments on this website I found myself feeling very disappointed. There may have been one positive comment out of 20 saying how good they looked, the others were saying things like “oh she needs to stop messing with her face!” “She looked so much better before” “They are too thin” and the list gets bitchier.

The disappointing thing about these comments, is that they were all from other women.

In the past when I was unhappy, I admit I had found myself thinking stuff like that about celebs. But what do you gain? Why do you think it is your RIGHT to tell other women things you don’t like about their looks?! Aren’t we meant to be all playing for the same team? Why is it when a guy makes a rude comment about the way a woman looks its the worst thing in the world, yet when a women makes a comment about another, its just considered “normal” and “to be expected”?

I believe you really can tell A LOT about a person by what they post on Facebook, because a lot of the time they have no filter and think their comments are not harmful or their comment won’t get read among the other 1000 comments. But the thing is, these comments say WAY MORE about the person writing it, then it does about the person they are writing about. Its simple – People who feel great, don’t feel the need to try and make others feel shit. 

I am sure these girls in particular have thick enough skin that they don’t need someone writing a blog to stand up for them, but I stand up for things I believe in, and this is one. These comments are never OK, no matter WHO they are said too.

If you find yourself making bitchy comments about someone else, realize you are really just saying these things about yourself and you deserve better then that. Or if you really can not stand this person and everything they do annoys you or makes you tempted to write something that won’t serve you positively, block them. Temptation vanished! 😉


At the end of the day, we all have struggles. We all have things we would rather improve in our lives. And that’s normal – if we don’t change and grow, we die. If someone chooses to have surgery, loose weight or have a certain career, does it really matter to you? If it does, check yourself.


casey xo

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