love you first.

treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

love you first.

love the way you think about yourself first

love the one & only body that works to keeps you alive first

love the way your hair looks as it frames your face first

love the way your bum looks in those jeans first

love the way your voice sounds while speaking about things you believe in first

love your own company first

love treating yourself to that new handbag first

love doing things that inspire your mind first

love the fact that your madness makes you a spectacular individual first

love making a life with yourself first 

love you first

if you do the firsts first

the right one will come

the right one you deserve

the right one who makes your light brighter

because you simply won’t settle

for anyone who doesn’t love you

as much as you love you.

happy valentines day, babe.

casey xo

“we stay in the relationships that we feel treat us better than we treat ourselves” – christal fuentes (the ladies coach)


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