the things I wish I knew then. 

the things i wish they told me before and when i became a parent

it will take at least a couple of months to feel like yourself again.

your baby will cry sometimes, just cause they can. you are not doing anything wrong.

going without sleep is hard, but you will surprised how much you can handle after only 4 hours.

bottle feeding or breast feeding – your child, your choice.

the midwifes will make you feel like you don’t know anything. you don’t, but its ok, none of us do.

it is completely acceptable to lock yourself in the toilet and cry when you need to. (use the toilet paper as tissues)

it is ok to want a break from your baby. you are allowed a life too.

make a little time for your partner everyday, they need some of your love too.

don’t be afraid to reach out for help, everyone wants to hug your baby anyway.

do something small for yourself everyday. you deserve it.

the housework will pile up but its ok, you will get to it eventually.

your friends still love you. they just don’t want to disturb you if you are trying to catch up on sleep, send them a text.

other mums will act like they know everything about your child and parenting, don’t take it personally – they do that to everyone.

your partner wants to help, give him a chance to do master dad duties.

washing your hair will become a luxury, use it as an excuse to have an expensive shampoo and hair treatment.

your body may not look the same pre baby and that’s fine, it did grow a small human after all.

don’t be fooled by the “perfect and happy” looking babies on facebook. it’s just a highlight reel.


i hope this has given you some comfort to know you are never alone. we all go through the same things. and i am first to admit, I don’t know what the hell i am doing half the time, but i am ok with it, i’m learning.

we are all on this journey together

and YOU are doing amazing.


casey xo



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