If She Isn’t Equal, Neither Are You. 

This blog was inspired by Dina at Eat.Sleep.Write . Thank you. ❤

“If she isn’t equal, then neither are you.”

This post is hard for me to try and even word. I feel as though I am someone who has  an understanding of a lot of things and it hurts me that in a way, I still don’t have a clear view on why this happens. It’s something so many of us don’t want to admit, because we don’t want to be seen as weak.

My story:

When I was 13, a guy who owned a local business (lets call him Burt), offered me and a boy, who was also my age (let’s call him Chuck), to help out with his annual sheep sheering on his farm. The job entailed brushing the floor, picking up the wool and putting it into sacks. I remember being told I would be paid well as it was physical work, and would be for at least 3 hours. I agreed.

It was summer evening, it felt like it was at least 40 degrees Celsius in this damn shed, I was sweating. I remember looking over at what Chuck was doing several times and seeing him just standing there half the time talking to the other guys. We got the  job done in about 4 hours and I worked hard. I was proud. Burt said he would drop a cheque off to my house tomorrow.

The following day, I got a text from Chuck, gloating to me he had got paid $90. I admit, this made me excited. I was busy thinking about the amazing things I would be able to buy with the money, when I saw an envelope sitting in our mailbox, so I ran out and excitingly ripped it open. $12.50, was scribbled on front of the cheque. I am not even joking.

Chuck got paid $90, and half the time he was just standing around chatting, while I got $12.50 for working hard the whole fucking time and actually doing what we were BOTH meant to be doing. I remember showing the cheque to my mum and saying then and there, I was never going to work for Burt again because he had treated me so unfairly! 

I am thankful for this experience. It was then, at 13 years old, I learned that female equality was something that didn’t exist, even  in the child/teen world. The only reason I didn’t get paid the same as Chuck, was that I was a girl. The really sad thing is, this isn’t even CLOSE to the worst of what happens to US everyday.

Some think we deserve to be paid less.

Some think we do not deserve to be educated.

Some think it’s acceptable to make comments about the length of our skirts.

Some think they should be able to decide on what we should be allowed to do with our bodies.

Some think it is OK to betray our trust and share private photos of our bodies with other men for “shits and giggles”.

Some think its OK to beat us up.

Some think it is OK to murder us because we “didn’t listen”.

The reason I say “some” is both sexes fall into this catergory. I am so sad to admit this, but some women have been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that men do deserve more than them, which is why it is up to us to stand up and show these people that they are wrong, and we are not “second class citizen”. 

We get discriminated against everyday, purely on the fact we have a vagina, and while that may sound super comforting to some, it’s the truth. If we had a dick, we would not know of these struggles personally.

There is also those who refuse to admit that this stuff even exists, and is just something that happened hundreds of years ago. They think that none of this stuff applies to them because it’s never happened to them personally or they don’t want to be seen as a “Feminist” because they think that makes them “an annoying protester” or a victim, You are wrong.. “if one of us fall for being a woman, we all do.” 

Love and Respect yourself

Believe that you are worth the same as anyone else and you are willing to stand up and fight for equality.

 Teach your daughters to know their worth, to not be afraid stand up for themselves, and that they do not have to tolerate bullshit.

Teach your sons that everyone is equal and we all deserve the same amount of love and respect.

Have the courage to stand up for other women and girls, who do not have a strong enough voice alone or the resources that we have.

Research and continue the work of all of those amazing women from previous generations, who fought to get us this far. I suggest having a quick read of this article to start. Things will NOT change until they are acknowledged. 

I will sign off with this quote from the amazing Maya Angelou. I hope you take something away from this. 

Strive for greatness

Casey xo


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