Make-Up Shaming @ The Gym

I am one who thinks that what other people wear or how they do their makeup – is  not my concern and everyone should just live their lives! 

I saw a post on Facebook the other day, that really got me thinking about this and I wanted to share it with you. A girl had posted about how funny and ridiculous it is for girls to wear makeup to the gym….


Disclaimer –  maybe you will think I am being OTT , getting wound up over nothing, being the fun police or whatever but  I am just passionate, I’m not basic – and I believe in standing up for what is right to me.

My response –
Why does it matter if a girl is wearing makeup to the gym? She is at the gym!! Killing it!!! Whether she wants to improve her health and wellness or just wants to look hot AF while doing squats – why are you using your time to focus on her damn makeup!? I mean, this is just a reflection of you more then anything.

There are a million reasons why some girls would choose to wear makeup to the gym – Maybe they go to a unisex gym and makeup helps them feel more confident! Maybe they didn’t go home last night after a night out and are at the gym because they are dedicated as fuck! Maybe they swiped right on tinder for someone who goes to the same gym as them OR maybe they just LOVE makeup!!!


When I was going to a public gym – I would wear a bit of concealer over my pimples and a coat of waterproof mascara,  it made me feel good and more confident –  Is there anything wrong with that? NO. We shouldn’t be looking  down on other women for doing something that makes them feel good! 

I wish people would realize when they are making these sorts of judgements and comments about others, it is coming from insecurity, deep down inside of them which is turning into jealousy and to work on stopping feeling that way and become a better version of who they currently are! I don’t think it hurts ANYONE to challenge their thoughts and try and gain a little more insight into understanding why people do what they do.  

What do you think?Would love everyone’s feedback- just remember – this is just my perspective 😉


Casey xo


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