The Offended People Of The Internet

Times are changing – we seem to be living in a world where just about everything has to be censored to stop upsetting someone. But let’s be real – NOTHING we ever do will please everyone. Stop having such a high expectation of people and accept that they can not cater to just your feelings. How would we ever even talk about anything if we were thinking about EVERYONE else and living with the fear of offending them?!


I feel like people who start their sentence with “I am so offended” or “I find that so offensive” are saying that so they make it sound like they have the right to have an important sounding whinge.

Especially online, these people LOVE the conflict and drama, they like to sound more superior and feel that little more important, as if their rights are more then the next person. I mean,while browsing social media and reading comments in different threads, we have all come across a big spiel in comment form, voicing WHY and HOW the person they are responding to is so offensive. The other day I came across one with a bunch of people saying they are offended being called a “female” over a “woman” because they feel its dehumanizing….


I can understand people feeling upset about things – there is fucked up shit in this world going on right now that I don’t think needs to be trivialized – however,  please remember that when you are offended – its because you are choosing to feel that way – you can not blame your feelings on the person saying it –  they are not MAKING YOU feel that way – you’re the one in control of your feelings.

As always -I  would love your non offended thoughts on this 😉 And as for the ones who like to troll the net with  “I am so offended, your so offensive” day in and day out – please stop whinging, get out and live your life to a higher standard. (or if you really feel the need to complain, write it down or tell your cat).


Casey xo

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