Why I Am Not Setting Myself New Year Resolutions

noun: resolution; plural noun: resolutions
a firm decision to do or not to do something

Resolutions are something I have never understood. Firstly, I don’t get why people wait until the new year to make changes – why not start straight away? Why wait for a certain date to start making positive changes in your life? To me – that isn’t exactly a “firm decision” and it sounds as though the change is just being put off because your not really ready to make the change.

I mean, in my teen years I definitely did set myself resolutions – mainly because I thought it was cool and thought it was a real way for me to make changes lol.Loose 5kgs, stop swearing so much, eat less takeaways, clean my bedroom more often etc. Super original and not generic at all..and after several years of setting these for myself and never following through on the first week of the year – I gave up lol.


But this year, I am doing something different. I have felt as though I have managed to achieve a lot  this year, especially emotionally and physically – exercising everyday, eating a healthy balanced diet and stepping out of my comfort zone socially – I am feeling good. I feel like I have achieved things this year, I have charged my energy and used it positively  and taken that step towards being the best version I can be.

So this year, I wrote out a goal list and a reminders list. All the things (big and small) I would like to achieve from now until however long it takes me, as well as things I feel I need a reminder about if I am ever  having a pity party and feeling like I can’t get shit done.

noun: goal; plural noun: goals
the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Personally, goals just seem like such a more attractive option. I mean, its always so much more satisfying having to work towards something, rather than it just happen straight away (there are exceptions to this though ie – cleaning the house.. showering..picking up dog shit.. child birth……. ok that escalated quickly)

So here is my challenge for you – right now – get a pen and paper or your phone and write down a list of goals you would like to achieve. Goals are a must have for growth – if you’re not growing, then you’re not living.(cheesy as fuck but true).

Then write a list of reminders. Make them for if your feeling a bit flat or shit and you know you would love to hear them at those times. If one of your goals feels too hard like you’re never going to reach it – make one of your reminders a list of things you HAVE achieved so far – to remind yourself how capable you really are.

And lastly – Love yourself and realize you are worth only the best.


Stay safe and enjoy the new year!

Casey xo

photo from tumblr

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