Ending 2016 right

Blogging is something I have wanted to do for SO long.
Writing is my vice. It is the one thing I feel I can do to truly express myself and get my thoughts and feelings out into the world without being a mixed up stuttering mess, who feels like everyone should be able to understand me without talking 😉

I didn’t take the leap to blog earlier is because I cared what others thought. There I said it. I cared what others thought, over what I thought. I don’t know what made me change my mind, I think it was just like a light bulb moment and all of a sudden I just didn’t care anymore and want to do my part in this world. 

I want to write to inspire, to bring out the best in people while opening people’s eyes to things. I really want to use this and say the things I believe need to be said to help improve others. 

For now – love 💗

Casey x

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